Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Techno Tribal

While you can never have too many monochromatic closet staples, the staff has a serious crush on clothing that makes a bold statement. Last spring, we noticed a preponderance of fashion-forward femmes who were trying the Tribal Punk trend: think ethnic prints paired with loads of leather and studs. Of course, prints are huge news for spring as well, but we are pleased to report that this year both designers and directional dressers are taking a new approach to patterns. This season the focus has shifted to digitally engineered prints that riff on classic Native American and African folk art in hyper-bright colors. And while the influences of these Az-Tech looks come from all over the globe, we are beyond pleased to gather our favorites right here in today's Trend Report featuring our favorite Techno Tribal looks!

2 komentar:

  1. asik deh.
    apaan tuh tik artinya?
    eh follow gue dooooooong
    ya ya ya ditunggu

  2. udah denis yang,Denisa & Things Around Her udah ga kepake lagi denis pantesan ya gue folow itu kok muncul-muncul hahahahaha